Fair Haven Innovates
Students in motion under the force of action
Fair Haven Innovates is Fair Haven school district's 21st century life, innovation, and technology program. We use social entrepreneurship to help students learn the skills they'll need to be successful when they grow up. Students sell products and solve problems as they run real businesses that turn a real profit. Students use a percentage of the profits to give back to their community through their student-run charity FH Gives. Below are our classes.

The Innovation Lab

We’re Building Our Way To Being Tomorrow’s Leaders!

The Innovation Lab is where 4th and 5th graders learn the skills they’ll need to be successful in the world of tomorrow. Students are introduced to design thinking, engineering, computer science, and the digital arts as they learn to reframe failure as iteration and become the architects of their future.


FH Gizmos

Your Problem Is Our Project!

FH Gizmos is our 6th grade edcorp where we sell the solutions to your everyday problems!

Students Shop

FH Grows

Buy Herbs, Grow Learning!

In FH Grows, 7th graders learn to be stewards of the environment while leveraging technology to help our gardens grow. We sell our herbs online and produce in our student-run farmers market. When we’re not working in the gardens, we are trying to solve the food problems of our future.

Students Shop

FH Leads

We Are Your Competitive Advantage!

FH Leads is our 8th grade consulting firm. Business owners hire us to use our design process to solve their wicked business challenges.

Students Hire

FH Gives

You Get. We Give.

FH Gives is the student-run charity of the Fair Haven Innovates program. We decided that 25% of the profits from our businesses will go to funding Impact Grants that we will use to make a difference in our community! When you buy from our stores, know that you are helping us help someone else!


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